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We Are Fully Insured Balloon Twisters!

How are our Balloon Twisters giving individual quests personal attention? w

We wear a silly or friendly decorated face mask instead of full makeup and a pro nose so that we do not transmit biological contaminates. We ask each child to stand in our "ring of fun" hula-hoop as we create their personal Balloon Creation. 

This is our attempt to create space between your child from others.


We are committed to making sure we and your guests are safe when enjoying public events. Living Characters never mouth inflate our balloons. We keep hygiene necessities available to your guests when they are visiting our entertainment area. We want to keep your quests, as well as ourselves, safe from all viruses & contaminants. We will have our Anti-bacterial wipes & liquid sanitizer in the front of our setup.

Balloon Entertainment Update

All of your favorite characters are doing their part by staying Healthy & Safe.  As we are practicing new balloon creations we are also thoroughly washing all of our gear (pumps, bags, markers, displays, equipment, etc.), updating a few of our favorite Characters costumes & looking back at all the wonderful pictures we have from all the events we have entertained at over these many years. We all thank you for your patience and look forward to Entertaining you all again soon~

~ Virginia Rice

We specialize in twisting balloons for 100+ guests at City and Community Events with imaginative popular creations! We are most known for our personal entertainment we give to each child as we make their balloon creations.  It may seem like we are just clowning around, but the children know it is our balloons that have all the character!

We give your Holiday Celebrations Real Characters to your Events.  Our Santa has a real beard, Our Elf makes holiday balloon creations, Mrs Claus reads to your guests, and don't forget all your other Specialty Events.

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