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About Us

Roger and Virginia

Roger and Virginia met in 2016.  We were both in terrible relationships and found that we needed the friendship we desired.  Our friendship turned into a love like no other we had had and found how much we both needed each other.

So one day, at a large event, Roger watched Virginia twist balloons and thought, "I can do that!" Virginia taught him a few basics and Roger began doing a few he enjoyed doing most.  Virginia laughed and said, "All you need now is a little character!"


We became a team.

Rainnon and Crowley
Virginia and Roger 2017 Balloon Twisters of Cedar Rapids Iowa
Roger, Penny, Virginia and Polly 2016
Balloon Twisters Epworth IA 2017
Virginia Rice-Poole Balloon Twister of Living Characters Cedar Rapids Iowa
Ginger the Clown 2016 of Living Characters

About Virginia

This crazy lady is the one that started it all in 2007.  It started with a handmade "Harry Potter Sorting Hat".  With her sewing skills she created a costume to go with the hat and put together a comedy act to entertain children with.  Then she made a different costume, and another and next thing she knew, she had a selection of Characters to entertain for all sorts of events & parties.

Yet there was something missing.  She tried to learn to juggle, nope that was not it.  Then she learned how to do some magic tricks, nope that was not for her either.  Then came an opportunity to learn about balloon twisting.


She became one of the most

entertaining balloon twisters.

Bow and Arrow made by Crowley the Twisted Wizard of Living Characters
Sata Dale & Penny 2018

About Roger

Starting out as "Boxcar Crowley", Roger is now known as "Crowley the Twisted Wizard" & "Santa Dale". He has brought a whole new level to the Living Characters Family.  He has supported Virginia in making her business better in many ways.  From becoming a character, learning to twist balloons, keeping Virginia on track (and on time), supporting strong ethics and helping out wherever needed.


He became a true Living Character.

Penny "the Pistol" Lane


As for those who know us, We support the Rescue & Adoption of pets. We have had many "fur-babies" over the years that have blessed us with the greatest of their love.

Currently we have Penny Lane.

She was adopted at age 3 with her sister, Polly,  in 2009.  We tell everyone that Penny is "old going on 2" because of the spunky energy she still has. She loves ham & cheese, curling up on her favorite pillow & being with both Roger & Virginia. Of the many things she does not like, she hates balloons.  When we bring our gear out to load up for an event,


She is gone!

Mr. Ozzy Crawley


Mr Ozzy Crawley is a special mix called a "Merle" and he even has blue eyes. We adopted him when he was about 9 years old from the Rockstar Cocker Rescue Group in 2019. Ozzy can be one of the most kind and calm dogs you could ever meet but when he plays with this daddy,


He is a Crazy Train! 

Adopt, Rescue, Foster Or Donate

Even the children we entertain, know how much we LOVE animals! We support the caring of a loving pet, and if at all possible, a pet in need. 

Virginia & Roger of Living Characters support:

Rockstar Cocker Rescue & Last Hope Rescue. 

rockstar cocker rescue
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