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To See If We Are Available & What We Can Do For Your Celebration or Event:

Please email Virginia with your Event Date, Time, Address & Approximate Number of Guests.  I will send you information on what we can do for you and quote you our price.  We do everything we can to make your Party or Event LIVELY with our Living Characters Entertainment!

1 or 2 General Balloon Twisters

For smaller events we have the choice of either one  general balloon twister or a one costumed twister.

One General Balloon Twister by Living Characters
Single Balloon Twister Outdoors of Living Characters
One General Balloon Twister of Living Characters
Two Balloon Twisters Outdoor Set Up of Living Characters

1 or 2 Costumed Balloon Twisters

We are able to accommodate the Largest of  crowds with the choice of either two general balloon twisters or two costumed twisters.

Best for city wide events  & large  celebrations!

Living Characters Clown and Balloon Twisting.
Two Charactes Full Display Balloon Twisters of Living Characters
Two Costumed Balloon Twisters of Living Characters
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